Thursday, July 13, 2006

World eBook Fair

A World eBook Fair is now on.

"You are encouraged to participate in The World eBook Fair, by downloading any of the 1/3 million eBooks provided here for personal use. The World eBook fair is currently scheduled for the July and August periods of the next few years as follows:

2007: 1/2 Million eBooks
2008: 3/4 Million eBooks
2009: One Million eBooks

The World eBook Fair, Project Gutenberg, and World eBook Library, along with our other participants, join together to encourage you to assist in bringing many entire libraries to the general public and to encourage ever increasing levels of literacy and reading. We hope the invention of eBooks will advance the world as much as did the invention of The Gutenberg Press, and look forward to the Neo-Industrial Revolution following the advent of eBooks, just as the invention of The Gutenberg Press undoubtedly led to the first Industrial Revolution, and your participation can help bring this new revolution in reading and libraries to the world."

World eBook Fair is on for free access to the public from 4th July to 4th August 2006, in celebration of Project Gutenberg's 35th Birthday.

• Full Text Search of 330,000+ PDF eBook Titles in 100+ Languages.

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