Monday, July 31, 2006

Special breed

Speaking of soils - my friend JP recently wrote a very interesting piece on his blog, about planting seeds and tending plants with love and care and devotion.

Reading this reminded me of my visit to Smith College in Northampton, Mass, in 1992. There I saw the last surviving specimen of an original “dawn redwood” tree. I was awed. I collected a couple of cones of the dawn redwood. (On that trip to the US, I also visited Walden pond, in Concorde, Mass, where Thoreau had lived; and collected some souvenirs, like leaves etc).

Over the years, when I want to give a very special gift to a very special friend - I give them a seed from the dawn redwood cone. To signify that the person is invaluable, a single survivor, of a special breed!

When I shared this with JP, he said:

"I think every one of us is a single survivor of a special breed…".


Bonita said...

Yes, and we often see ourselves as the rough seed, forgetting that within there is the great potential of becoming something greater. Awakening to one's potential is the process of sprouting and growing.

We all hope for good soil, to do this.

Hayden said...

ahhh- when you think of the eons of survival - gene passing down gene - yes, we are each unique, and each survivors. The history behind each of us is so long....beyond imagination. And at any point, the opportunity for failure, for die-out of a line.