Thursday, July 06, 2006

SMS poem

A feisty young friend, Greeshma, sent me this poem (by sms). I titled it “Summer’s Plaint”. Thnx Gr.

My heart
To a dark and pure hatred
Wants to cling.
It seeks a contempt
That will go deep
And be so cleansing,
A deluge of hate,
That will wash away
The bleeding rot
Nestling in my soul
That all my blood and tears
Could not.
But jealous fate
Even with that small mercy
Will not part
‘Cause love is all
That I can nurture
In my heart.
A love
That corrodes my very being
A love that will devour my spirit
Till a pale carcass
Of crumbling bones
Is all that
This indifferent world
Shall see.

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