Saturday, July 15, 2006

Plea to a Communal Rioter

In 1997, I attended a meeting on communal harmony in Hyderabad. In the course of the discussion I wrote and shared this poem.

O Rioter!
Come flay your sword! Behead me!
Thrust your dagger! Pierce my heart!
Plunge your trident! Disembowel me!
And spill my blood upon this land,
so that from every drop shall bloom
a crop of meek humanity,
laden with golden grain,
to feed the hungry in spirit,
a sea of stalks
in the gentle breeze of eternal love,
with yearning
for the joyous embrace
of brotherhood, goodwill and mutual celebration.

1 comment:

Bonita said...

Yes, we all deeply long for the brotherhood of man, to be in a world of deep, loving impact. Our creator wishes this for His creation.