Saturday, July 08, 2006



Gull Feroz, 18 years, Salamat School System, Girls Campus, Lahore, Pakistan

Had you not said a bad word,
Had I not said the worst,
Had you not taken a step forward,
Had I not with revenge, burst.
Had you not unsheathed your dagger,
Had I not thrust mine at you,
We must have been at peace together,
With good in our minds, nothing blue.
Had you listened to what I said,
Had I agreed, with compliance,
Had we not been at odds instead,
We would have formed the alliance.
Had we spent our vigour at something better,
We would have got excellent results,
Within seconds, would have solved the matter,
And nobody would have objected to the cult.
Yet peace was not in your mind,
And tranquillity was not in mine,
We never thought of looking behind,
And always let our hatred shine.
It’s time to make a new start,
And make an effort to smooth the crease,
It’s time to purify our minds and hearts,
And make an effort to create peace.

Illustration: Gagandeep Singh, 14 years

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