Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mirror of awareness

When we see through our eyes – what we see is only a resultant of our own mental projections. Rather like Heisenberg’s principle of uncertainty …

So everything we see – can be taken as a mirror, to know more about oneself.

Especially people, and our thoughts and feelings in response to them. An unpleasant situation with two colleagues at work helped me to see this.

In late 1996, I wrote a poem about this, called “Awareness”.

Through your appearance friend, I learnt to recognise myself,
Your inward is in my outward, I am the inward in your outward.
If I am ever right, that is only because of you
And mine the evil that poisons you.
You are only a figment of my imagination,
While I know myself only through your blessing.
My place is at your feet, by your side, and in your embrace
May you be the body through which I realise myself.
Through failure and betrayal, I struggle to uphold your love and compassion,
Disconsolate shame my constant reward.
The world is my mirror, I look and see myself;
May I be able to be yours, and help you to see yourself.
In gratitude for your kindness, through which I am,
May I be able to help you know who you are.

Image: from the website The Mirror of Galadriel.


samuru999 said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Sorry it took me so long to
come by to see you.
I was on vacation and away from
all computers... had a great time.
I really do like this poem very
will visit again soon.
Take care.

dr.alistair said...


i wrote this ths morning regarding solipsism. coincedental to the post i read on your blog. solipsism seems to be held in low regard philosophically, especially amongst the judeo-christian types. i find it refreshingly reasonable an explanation for what`s going on. we are doing it. what is wrong with that? unless, of course, you are a dogmatist bent on rules and regulations for everything.

gaelin said...

Hi there,

What a beautiful poem! I want to ask your permission to repost it on my blog.