Saturday, July 29, 2006

Appeal to the President of India

I sent an appeal to the President of India, through his website. His e-mail id is:

Respected Shri Kalam-ji

I read with great alarm in today's The Telegraph (Kolkata) about the Hindu-only zone that is going to be enforced in Tirupati.

As a citizen of India, I am shocked and shamed that this can happen in a secular democratic country. This is definitely utterly unconstitutional, violating Indians' right to life (livelihood), equality, residence and freedom of worship.

It is an insult to non-Hindu Indians. And it is a sullying of the sacred names of Tirupati and Lord Balaji, by using them as the reason for this trampling on Indians' constitutional rights.

As you are the custodian of our precious constitution, I have no recourse but to write to you to ensure that our invaluable secular heritage is protected.

Yours respectfully


Yves said...

I am glad you have done this. Bless you for it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ram! Please think of the pleasure n peace of mind your will get if u have church/ Masjid infront of ur house preaching their religions.
It would be good it they preach their religion. But u dont know what happens here in Andhra! have u ever been to any Cristian church prayer on Sunday or a Islamic preachings on Friday? hmmmmm I donno what they say in ur city? But here in Andhra they Preach Anti-hindu Openly. But we people will tell ourself "Suffer! But dont let the others Suffer", How shameless it is right? yeah we are shameless! And we expect our religious places peaceful atleast! So ur to appeal President is senseless!

I hope your will understand one thing! Religion and Constitution are 2 different things! Dont show too much intelligence being a Bengali! I am sorry ! dont feel bad! but it is true!