Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rituraj & Rishiraj

A fortnight ago, I was at the Rishi Valley School, near Madanapalle, in Andhra Pradesh. My wife Rajashi and I had gone to admit our younger son, Rishiraj (11), there. Elder son, Rituraj (15), has been studying there since 2003. He was also returning to school after the summer vacation.

After 15 years, our house is now without children. After Rituraj joined RV, Rajashi and I had become even more emotionally attached to Rishiraj (aka Chotu). We are like ghosts or zombies floating through our lives, shell-shocked, distraught!

Sending one's children away - to live with that one becomes hard-hearted. The moment the thought or remembrance arises, triggered by anything, one kills it, for to let it enter the system and bring on the grief is unendurable. One steels oneself aginst this, and tries instead to think of all the good that this school is doing for the children, what a beautiful place it is.


Anonymous said...

Rama, your children will always be part of you and when they are home you will cherish the time you have together. So often during the teen years when children live with their families, they clash with their parents. Having them away at school makes them appreciate you all the more and vice versa. Take heart! You will see them soon.

Aditya Swarup said...

Hello Sir,
Aditya Swarup here. Sure is nice to see your blog on the net. I am at Hyderabad right now and doing pretty well. Travelling a lot lately as I am presenting some papers at conferences.

I wish both your sons a pleasant stay at their school.

Aditya Swarup said...

I am into a lot of blogging...On of my Journals is

Space Bar said...

came here from a link revathy sent me a couple of days ago. and today i see two posts on rv!

i studied there fro six years quite a while ago and have been meaning to go back and visit with my son. maybe this year!

do look at this post of mine:

Anonymous said...

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