Friday, June 30, 2006

Cuernavaca, Mexico

A friend from Cuernavaca, Mexico, had once written to me :

Cuernavaca is a pretty nice city but the main thing is the mountains and the perfect year-round weather. There is only about a 10 degree fluctuation in temperature over the course of the year. It is always cool during the night and pleasant during the day. The low tends to be between 60-70 degrees and the highest 75-85. There are probably not that many places in the world where the climate is so perfect, so I am happy to be living in one of them these last 5 years. There is a dry season and a wet season as well. We are coming to the end of the wet season right now so everything is very, very green. There are always flowers in bloom, butterflys and birdsong and hummingbirds to watch and listen to. From what I hear of Calcutta, it is very hot and there is great poverty. Please tell me about your life there.


arsenic said...

Kolkata..... a great city to live in! A child learns to be a man travelling from one end of the city to the other fathoming things unnkown and unseen..(sometimes unwanted [;)] )... and yes the weather .... well! there are not many places in the world where one can experience such a dynaminc climate. On a serious note its not possible to predict .... as to how the weather is going to be after an hours note.. this is one amongst the innumerable things that I have learnt in this city of mine..... People of Kolkata are refered to as 'Bhadro-manush' for their homely behaviour ..... the legacy of the British Raj can still be seen here with the Trams dragging themselves with a never say die attitude.

There are things which need to get a change here... but then our live's wouldnt be that interesting then .... its we who need to bring about the changes which are required here. Anyways I might would never have learnt anything from an all perfect place.

Just some days back during my visit to the Goethe Institut in Kol.. I saw a German guy.. tall and well-built sitting in the canteen.. he was talking to a small bengali girl .... I was surprised to see him talkin to her in a fluent 'Bengali' accent....... I am hoping that the rest of introduction about my city will be self-explainatory.

Anonymous said...

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