Friday, June 30, 2006

Belfast, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg & Calcutta

The web-magazine "Shared Spaces" published quarterly by the Netherlands Ministry of Spatial Planning, Housing and the Environment, in its issue 02 had carried a feature on the cities of Belfast (Northern Ireland), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Johannesburg (South Africa) and Calcutta (India).

"How has thirty years of political turmoil affected the European city of Belfast? How has the legacy of apartheid resulted in the polarisation of the African city of Johannesburg? How will the Indian city of Calcutta deal with a population where over 50% of people live in poverty-ridden slums? And how has sudden deindustrialisation defined society in the South American city of São Paulo?

Local architects and urban thinkers discuss these questions, and more, in their personal perspectives on the past, present and future challenges of these cities."

They answer 4 questions:

What is the heritage of your city and how has that played a role in defining your city today?
What are the biggest immediate challenges facing your city?
What is your city’s approach to solving these challenges?
How do you see your city evolving over the coming 5 –10 years?

Read the answers here.

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