Friday, April 13, 2007

And the music played…

I attended the special concert of Bertie, Mel & Fuzz in Calcutta last night. It was fantastic. I was proud and inspired to hear my celebrated prodigiously gifted college contemporaries – after almost 30 years. It brought back powerful memories of those golden carefree days, attending inter-college festivals! And this was no amateur stuff, these were accomplished musicians performing.

Bertie, Mel and Fuzz performed 13 numbers. Bertie sang nine songs, several were his own compositions, and they did some other cover numbers. Mel sang three songs, including a gospel piece. Fuzz sang one number.

I will remember this evening - for the occasion, the sweetness and loving tenderness of Bertie's singing, the hypnotic Blues spell of Mel's voice, and the brilliance and easy confidence of Fuzz's bass. The trio played as if they had always been playing together: perfect harmony.

The songs:

1. Bertie: Motorcar Blues (own)
2. Bertie: She was in the Moonlight (own)
3. Mel: Gospel - Have You Been Lonely?
4. Bertie: Mr Charlie (Grateful Dead)
5. Bertie: Lonesome Blues (own)
6. Mel: You Win Again (Hank Williams / Grateful Dead)
7. Bertie: Moonlight Lady (own)
8. Bertie: Helpless (Neil Young) + Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan)
9. Fuzz: Dancing Nancys (Dave Mathews band)
10. Bertie: Take Me Down to the River
11. Mel: The Thrill is Gone (BB King)
12. Bertie: Tin Pan Alley (own; in rap style)
13. Bertie: Tina Marie

The turnout was good. The atmosphere was great. A mix of young and not-so-young people. There were a good number of Bertie’s doting students, present and past. (He is now Head of the English Literature Dept, at St Xavier’s College, and also the Dean of Arts.)

I conveyed my friend JP’s regards to Bertie, Mel and Fuzz, and also managed to connect them over the phone at the end of the programme.

Read concert organiser Patrick Ghose's report here.

Pictures of the concert are accessible here.

Loony Libberswick has also reported on the concert here.

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Vatsala said...

For some reason, I cant access your yahoo photolink for the concert.

Also check out some concert pics on my blog-Oktoberblues.

And yes, Im another glad (and proud) student.